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Vampire facelift/Facial

Designed to Help Provide Younger, Healthier Looking Skin

The Vampire Facelift/Facial at Lubbock Family Medicine combines microneedling and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and new blood vessels, creating a more youthful appearance on the face, neck, and chest. The Vampire Facelift/Facial involves a quick, in-office blood draw while the face is numbing. Using a special tube and centrifuge, PRP is isolated and then micro-needled back into the skin using a special technique. This non-surgical procedure takes about 40-60 minutes and requires minimal recovery time. You can resume day-to-day activities immediately after and make-up can be worn 24 hours after the procedure. Some patients may experience some redness with light peeling for 1-2 days after the procedure. 

The Vampire Facelift/Facial may provide:



Designed to Improve Hair Growth in Men & Women

PRP for hair loss is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes the stem cells and growth factors from the patient’s own blood to trigger the growth of hair from resting or miniaturized hair follicles. With three simple treatment sessions, just six weeks apart, you may see improvements in both your appearance and confidence. Ask us more about what you can expect from PRP Hair Regeneration by calling today!

Potential Benefits of PRP Therapy:

PRP Hair Regrowth Lubbock

Vampire Facial

Take a BITE out of aging

 Our providers recommend 3 treatments six weeks apart for best results! You can SAVE $500 during the month of October when you schedule 3 sessions!