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The #1 Chemical Peel for Confident Skin

Healthy, even skin with a deep glow is everybody’s ideal, but the reality is often dull, damaged skin that comes with problems ranging from wrinkles and sun damage to hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. Rather than submitting yourself to extensive processes with long downtimes, there’s a better way to get your youthful skin back. 

Fortunately, Lubbock Family Medicine offers a safe and relatively gentle treatment: The VI Peel. This innovative chemical peel can improve the texture and feel of dull sun damaged skin and reduce some sun spots and hyperpigmentation.  It may also reduce fine lines, wrinkling and deep acne scars.  VI peel can leave your skin with an even texture and a glow from within. What’s more, it can do all this with very little discomfort and only a few days of redness and peeling.

What are the potential benefits of the VI Peel?

VI Peels Offered

The original VI Peel uses a special blend of the powerful phenol and TCA acids to smooth scars and wrinkles with added tretinoic acid to soften fine lines, salicylic acid to exfoliate, and vitamin c to brighten the skin. The combination removes skin imperfections while stimulating natural collagen and elastin production to produce fresh, bright new skin.

For those who would like a stronger treatment, Lubbock Family Medicine also offers the VI Precision Peel, which is about 25% more concentrated. This means that the treatment and recovery are slightly more intense, but it is powerful enough to treat the most stubborn hyperpigmentation such as melasma and age spots on the face. Hyperpigmentation is a condition when patches of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. Although it is usually harmless, it can be difficult to treat effectively. The VI Peel Precision peel can help restore the skin tone you deserve.

A VI Acne Peel is also available. During your battle with acne, you can be left with scarred skin and sometimes increased pigmentation. Acne scars will often fade over time but sometimes they need a little help. This specialized peel contains the same blend as the original VI Peel with the addition of benzoyl peroxide, which removes bacteria, cleanses pores, and improves skin turnover to target the underlying cause of the acne while removing scars at the same time. 

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